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001 - The Skeleton Solstice
Oct 31st, 2018 at 2:51am
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Module: The Skeleton Solstice

The Dark Holiday: The Skeleton Solstice approaches.  In the village of Ravenholme the pumpkin harvest; whose fleshy substance, a symbol of life; and fiery interiors, represent the soul, are used to keep the hordes of undead (Oh Shit! Skeletons!) at bay, have rotted on the vine.  It is up to [OUR ADVENTURERS] to brave the dark trail to the neighboring Port of Vrail and fetch enough Life Lanterns to save it… Little do they know… dark forces are at work outside the village.


- Ravenholme major exports – Oranges.

- Things begin to raise as we get closer to the solstice.  More and more Life Lanterns are necessary.

- Port Vrail is 2 days ride from Ravenholme

- Skeletons killed in the solstice will rise again in time.  They need not have their physical skeletons present (kinda ghost skeletons).



- Ostmond Grunch - Burgomeister of Ravenholme, big boy, big heart.

- Jolle Rancher Grunch and Tootsie Grunch – Master and Mistress of the “Barracks House”: A re-furbished military barracks and stronghold which acts as an inn (waited and run by Tootsie) and a Community center / militia (Managed and run by Jolle).  Jolle is a big hearted guy, big like his dad (Ostmond) and quick to lend a hand, Gets together once week and trains in combat with the boys (this often involves alcohol).  Tootsie is a trophy wife from port Vrail (speaks with an airy Brooklyn Accent) who used to work as a dancer in the big city… shes stern but friendly.

- Morticia LeRouge - Cemetery Mistress – Embalmer and Funeral Keeper – Practical lady with practical tastes.  Historian of the Solstice in spare time.  Keeps many books in the funeral home and mausoleums. Raises the warning bells

- Dame Vin LaRouge –  Knight of the king, has duty to protect Ravenholme but not lordship of its peoples.  Hates the Grunches, wants to be given mastership of the city by showing the weakness of the Gruches.  Can travel without harassment by skeletons due to magic ring.  Commands a small following of loyalists in her Country Villa (between Ravenholm and Vrail).

- Clementine Orangeround – Orange and Pumpkin farmer.


- Bandit King Gerard – Skeleton Bandit King raised for solstice.  Raiding caravans that find themselves wandering without enough protection.  Very Powerful, but his crew has not raised up in its entirety (more rise as we get closer to the solstice.).  Will talk but never backs down from his decisions in front of his men (it would make him look weak).   

Gerard, Lord of the Watchtower – Stoic protector of the highway, and descendant of the Bandit king.  Him and his militia guard the crossroads (a halfway point to Vrail).

Port Vrail

- Rodrigo: Merchant of Life Lanterns – Storyteller, merchant, wanderer.  Has enough Life Lanterns to meet the Ravenholmes need BUUUuuut they don’t come cheap. (PC’s CAN make post-module promises as trade)

- Invigran: Druid of the Orange Vines – Self important, weedy guy.  If the problem is properly explained, it will take 1 whole day to fix.  (PC’s will likely have to devise a faster way to travel.) (?)

Action Line

- 1 week from Solstice

- [1] -  Morticia Raises the alarm that with the rotted pumpkin harvest we will not have enough Life Lanterns to ward off the skeleton solstice.

- [2] – Bandit King attacks – Him and like 2 guys.

- [3] – A stop at the LaRouge estate.  LaRouge wants to inspect the caravan and forces it to stop at her villa.  Bureaucracy ensue to stall the caravan.  PC’s can explore the villa. Insinuate Vin LaRouge is trying to make problems with the caravan and likely ruined the pumpkin patch.  Find a way to get out of these bureaucratic nightmares.

- [4] – Arrive at the Watchtower. Spend the night?  Bandit king is lurking.

-[5] – Return of the Bandit King to attack the watchtower.

- [6] – Arrive at Port Vrail – Time to acquire pumpkins somehow. 

- [8] – Caravan is Hijacked by Dame Vin LaRouge and taken to her villa.  Road Blockade and overwhelming force.

-[10] Rescue of the Pumpkins / Druid, + The Bandit King is an environmental Hazard for both parties while the conflict rages bandit king is destroying the pumpkins with arrows so areas are getting dangerous as the battle rages.

[0] – Return to town, (enact the ritual?),  save the day, (get paid?).  Reward is negotiated at the start of the adventure with Ostmond Grunch.

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