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002 - Sink the Lustrina
Nov 14th, 2018 at 4:05am
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Sink the Lustrina

The powers of Port Vrail want an un-nammed party to sink the RNS Lustrina Super-Dreadnought in order to start a war between two rival powers: Switzholm and the Khans of Mong.

… find it, sink it, and return alive… if you can.

Location: Port Vrail

- Ocean Citadel Big walls, big (magi) cannons.


Port Vrail

- Mr. Shadow – A Man with a forgettable face (its featurelessness a product of magic) and average stature, speaks with a low sour voice.  He makes it very clear that he represent powerful forces in Port Vrail but does not say who exactly.  Will do light services if asked politely.

- Kjellberg Lord of the Switsholme Embasy – Master of the Diplomatic arm of the Switsholme Republic (Banner/flag is a knife whose hilt forms a cross).  2nd Son of the General Kjellberg leader of the youth division.  Accommodating fellow, violently aggressive when provoked, always surrounded by young pages who are highly trained killers.  Will use diplomatic immunity liberally.

- Jalk Poison Eye: Master of the Ekia Trade Concern (halfling, green hair) – Jalk is a service first buisiness man who is loud, boisterous and entirely too short for his persona.  Like all Swits, he is very accommodating but will go off like fireworks when lines are crossed.  He is lax in cares for security and his oversights are plenty … perhaps why her earned the nickname poison eye.  He not an incompetent, simply absent minded and lacks attention to detail.  (Voice: IRISH)

- Ghoulash: Special investigator from the Khans of Mong (Ghoul, 200yrs old) – Dispatched by their small embasy in Port Vrail.  Master Detective, does not like to interact with anybody, shifty, but wise.  Hunting down the PC’s and any information the the alleged plot to start a war between Mong and Switsholme.

RNS Lustrina

- Captain: Captain Krieg – Male, no nonsense, hardass, Gruff voice, jacked, runs a tight ship, Charismatic, Missing an arm: Magic weapon prosthetic – CANNON.  Often check up on various areas of the ship, has a small court of wizards, advisors, elite guards.

- Gunner: Powder Djak – Arsonist, sadist, madman, expert marksman, SHOTGUN, Immmune to fire (magic ring), Pot belly, function over form kinda guy.

- Mistress of Arms: Lillis, Prim, proper, master of the knife, fencer, articulate, run her jails with absolute authority.  0 overreaches, artistic, likes flowers: tries to keep the ship positive, wanders the ship improving it. 

- Master Engineer: Tridrone From Nirvana – (Fix the ship, keep the engine operational, Destroy all invaders.)  It can do these three things and nothing else.  Has 0 personality, 0 willingness to interact, but 100% devotion to these three tasks.   You are an invader if you halt his other two tasks (the term invader is a loose term).  Powerful outsider, vary capable of murder death kill.

-Stowaway:  Wiffleclip: The Surgeon – A “Surgeon” aboard the ship, does not k now any medical profession, 1000% reliant on a manual, paranoid of discovery, very good lier, takes his positions benefits to the bank (flexes it hard).


- Lady Corralis the Tiger Shark: Oracle of the Sea – A distant persona who speaks for the sea god Kwall.  Will provide divine advice for tithes or geases for Kwall.  (Speaks with many voices at once, no real personality per say.  Surrounded by priests, monks, etc…).  Resides in the Grand temple of Kwall, on the island of Mael… guarded by the great serpents.

- Tidus the Storm:  Powerful lord of the waves that attacks the ship at some point, lurks around the ship (while the PC’s are on it) before attacking, this is something that the ship is aware of as its happening… remember the captain has a bunch of wizards.  He is primal, powerful, acts godlike, but “can” be negotiated with.

The Plot Line

(2)- Find where the RNS Lustrina will be
- Acquire naval charts
- Seek the Oracle of the Seas
- Join the Navy
- Avoid detection by Ghoulash

(7)- Get aboard the RNS Lustrina
- Find a way to sink the ship

(10)- Sink It! - (and/or) survive the attack by Tidus

- As time passes multiple failed attempts will be made against the RNS Lustrana... one will eventually succeed (GM Discression).

Conscription age for Switsholme is 9 years old.  Entire divisions are made up of “adults” of this age.

The Khans of Mong are ruled by Ghouls (the nobility believes its their birthright to eat human flesh for strength and longevity).  The Great Ghul (Emperor) is an ancient ghoul.

- The capital of Tress, The forbidden city is a massive capital that does not allow foreign powers within.  Rumor has it that is spans the city surface and many layers underground (Maybe secretly, or not, run by Dwarves).

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