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003 - A Brush With Mong
Nov 29th, 2018 at 4:31am
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A Brush with Mong
The Noble Khan Ghizza Flameghost’s slavers attempt to capture the PC’s.  What will they do?...

Notes about Mong

- Multiple warlords/clans: all loosely fighting eachother.  Will always band together vs. outsiders.

- Cannibalism is illigal among peasants.  “Ignoble Ghouls”

- Death before Dishonour.

- No concern for human life.  Japan peasant aristocracy.  Brutal.

- Bushido: but bad vassals get eaten.

- The Mong do not take failure lightly: failure will result in all out force if possible.

-  Morality is subjective.  Even the worst people have value in Mong.

- Slaves commonly earn their freedom by distinguishing themselves and by becoming a vassal of the Khan.

- The Khans love riding animals.  Much clan distinction comes from what each clan rides.


The Barrier Line

(10) – Raiders attack in the night.  With Ghouls. (Success / Fail)

(5-11) – Ignoring the problem results in attacks.  Consistent success will result in the death of the Khan.  Probably a reward from his rivals.

Conquest route – If the PC’s survive the encounter and decide to solve the problem.

(2) – Who sent the attack.  You have to take down their Khan… because the do not suffer defeat lightly.

(5) – Enter Mong and the Khans Province (Flameghost Provice)

(7) – Bust into his castle (Castle Ashguard)

(10) – Take down the Khan (Ghizza Flameghost)

(7) – Escape Mong (Vassals, other family will sorta chase you to seize power.)

Captured Route – If the PC’s do not win the encounter.

(1-4) – Suffer the slave pits.  Figure out how to escape or who to talk to to raise your clout amongst the nobility. (Split- Tough guys dig holes in the pit, pretty ones are “servants” of the nobility, smart one are scibes / tutors)

Assuming PC’s don’t just escape

(4) – Audience with the Khan – The PC(‘s) will distinguish themselves and earn an audience with the Khan.  Here the PC’s can make dicisions as to how they will present themselves to the Khan.   3 seneshals: 1 is bad at his job, 1 knows what the khan likes but hates you, 1 likes you but doesn’t really have insight into the khans tastes.  All 3 are polite and charismatic.

(5) – Discussion with the Khan – Your choices determine the Khans demenor towards you.  You can bring it back to parity in various ways.  He will test you with challenges based on: Why you are there, How you presented yourself (harder the worse you present), how you act with the Khan. (Failure results in going back to suffering the slave pits.)

(2) – Negotiate your Freedom – This would be where the GM sets up new adventures or some sort of campaign goal for the Khan and then are set free… or made into vassals.


Ghizza Flameghost - The Khan (Female)

- Her family name comes from her fire elemental linage.  Members of her family can evoke a flame anima of some form.  Her’s gaze (when evoked properly) will cause you a raise in temperature (not unline a magnifier in the sun).  This is not kept as a secret.

- She has HUUUGE dogs.  She calls them Puppies.  Name accordingly.
She goes riding every day.  Her clan is known for its riding dogs. Her banner is a Flame Dog.

- Weapon of Choice is a Wizardly Staff.  She is a Powerful magic user (probably with fire theme).  Heavily values arcane knowledge.

- Secretly seeks Lichdom.  Will not advertise this … but will work with PC’s towards this end.  Wants this for vain reasons.  Hates biology in general.

-  Hates being seen eating, drinking, doing anything intimate.  Hates being in a position of weakness.  Will cover mouth when eating, will only sip small sips, etc...

- Germophobe:  Cleaners cleaning everyting.  Disinfects with her fire gaze.

- Likes Sweets – Hard candies.  Offers candies to others.  Never eats it in front of them.

- She loves water.  Swimming.  Will often go swimming with an escort.  Escort must look away when she doing so.  Swimming is an intimate affair for her.  She likes to heat the water.  There are springs she goes to that become hot when shes there.

- Formal demeanor, formal attire, always has a pipe with her, and she smokes it.  This is one of the few things she does that is NOT (yet) considered intimate.

-  Attack of choice is Summon Fire Elementals.  Martially trained but not a super soldier. Always has an honour guard of ~10 guards/court wizards/priests/etc.

The Slave Pits

- Pittleliss Glauss - The Slavemaster – A disgusting sadist, bloated body, ugly of face, greasy hair, feared for his meticulous cruelty.  Seems squeamish and effeminate and graceful, is made fun of often behind his back.  Until provoked alone… then he changes to an intense, imposing, ogre-like figure.  Tough in a fight and brutishly forceful.  Wields “The Screaming Whip” -  Forces those hit to scream at maximum volume for as much as their lungs can endure (once).

- Goram Creeley - The Eternal Slave – A ever light hearted character who’s consistently positive and mentally-removed demeanor.  Excellent Jack-of-all-trades character that his distinguished themselves multiple times but has ALWAYS refused to leave the slave pits / Dorms / Pleasure Palaces.  His positive demeanor has earned him ALOT of leeway within the pits.  Is considered a de-facto vassal of the Khan who true power is to increase morale in the pits (and allowing slave to distinguish themselves better).  Knows pretty much everything about the inner workings of the pits, pleasure palaces, and dorms. 

- The Escapists – Grossly incompetent group of slaves who consistently work to escape the pits.  Hate Creeley (believe hes “special” and get better treatment than them).  Always the victims, never take responsibility, Will sell everybody out.  Basically 60% of all their plans are ruined by incontinence, stupidity, selfishness, or miscommunications.

- Cookmistress Burbon Remmy – The Godmother of the kitchen.  A vassal of the kitchen who flexes her power over your meals to get what she wants.  Runs a kitchen black market with a gang of cooks.  Do as she asks and you gain her favor and fine meals, cross her and its shit and cockroaches for your dinners.  Brutally opressive and demands perfection to her kitchen subordonates.  Dabbles in the affairs of any and all servants (even the “servants” to the nobles) outside the pits and the tutors-dorms. 

- Arch-Professor Corvin Mathias:  An ancient-ghoul noble professor who runs the tutor-dorms for the school.  His speech is mumbley and rambley but when you are patient and attentive is the very definition of knowledge.  Hard of hearing (with a ear horn), one poorish eye, one really good eye (one big spectable).  People give him absolute respect and he loves to help new tutors and students.  Gets brutally sad and depressed when attacked socially.  IF abused to much the people of the dorms will become passive aggressive towards you and, if persistant, will eventually waylay at your weakest and feed you to Covin… he does not necessarily know this is happening.

The Palace / Province

- Thomas Liviticus the “Good Man” - The Guard Captain – A morally upright vassal who’s been demoted from a unit commander to the master of the guard for not doing something patently vile (refused to take part in the massacre of a person when he had the opportunity to become a ghoul).  He works with the little resources he is given to perform his job with distinction.  A broken man who futilely works towards some level of distinction (that he will never receive) that he had before.  He is treated with absolute disdain from his peers and will consistantly slight him in passive aggressive ways… but will never attack him directly.  People call him “Good Man” out of spite rather than use his title “Guard Captain”.  Missing fingers from his primary sword hand.

- Talia Murale - The Harem Curator – Manages the Khans personal Harem. Excessively neurotic about balancing the needs of her job and the artwork, takes meticulous care of the “artwork”. Gives the harem  freedom, so long as they do not disrupt/damage the artwork that they are. Those who push the boundries of there freedoms are severely restricted. Outside of work she frequents lively, grimy low class areas, to escape the extremely sterile and ordered nature of the palace. 

The “Harem” are people who have been completely objectified into a work of art by the khan.  The process begins with the boiling out of their eyes (all unichs are blind.) then when the khan desires she burns in patterns that suit her tastes at the time (Prioratizes people with distinctive features.). When this is done you are no longer seen as a person but a work of art (or a valuable pet) whose whole purpose is to maintain the khans artwork (and/or pleasure the khan).  This could lead to situation where your personal comfort is compromised for the maintenance of the work.

- Ghickan Flameghost: The Usurper – Moves to spark rebellion or assassination through subtle means that cannot be linked back to him.  Controls an underground network of saboteurs in the province that will often quietly help potential troublemakers.  His fire power makes his words heat up your body in a good or uncomfortable ways depending on his mood / intent.  Has the bearing a courtier who’s lived a life of ease.
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