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The Gods
Sep 23rd, 2019 at 5:30pm
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An index and compilation of the Gods of The Rotting Realms.

Each post will be a separate diefic entry.  People who are not me who want to post suggestions please post them in new topics.

===== Dieties of the Rotting Realms =====

==== Major Dieties ====

[[Darksun]] - The Black Light, the foul one.  God of Decay, Entropy, Rot and Plague.  The enemy of all that is good.

[[Mephim]] - The Shield, the holy light.  God of Goodness, Piety, and Protection.  The ally of the defender.

[[Thazadri]] - The great wizard, the Ouraboros, God of magic.  The creator of all wizardry.

[[Alkhar]] - The Beastclaw, the Fury of War.  God of Slaughter and war. Aldras' twin.  The enemy of Peace.   

[[Aldras]] - The Sword and Cup, the rules of enguagement.  Goddess of war and honor. Alkhar's twin.  Ally to the strategist and planner. 

[[Eldrez]] - The World god, the God of the Glades.  God of Nature.  Ally to the trees and those who rely on them.

==== Minor Dieties ====

[[Velgus]] - The tilted scale, the ornery blind-man.  God of Law.  In contention with Beleius. Enemy to the rogue. 

[[Shadarkhar]] - The returned favor, the eye for an eye.  God of revenge.  Enemy to the enemy.

[[Beleius]] - The balanced scale, the down turned sword.  God of Justice.  In contention with Velgus.  Ally to the wronged.

[[Lun]] - The moon.

[[Sol]] - The Sun.

[[Amorin]] - The rush of the heart, The Poets inspiration.  Goddess of Love and passion.  Ally to the longing. 

[[Sekt]] -  The Thousand gnashing mouths, the devourer of souls.  God of Death.  Ally to none.

==== Forgotten Dieties ====

[[Duros]] - The Blessed earth. God of the Earth and Stone.  Ally to the Dwarves.

[[Phiera]] - The Warmth of heat. Goddess the the Fire and Heat.  Ally to the living.

[[Hauqua]] - The dark depths, the consuming ocean.  Goddess of water.  Enemy of the seafarer.

[[Aethos]] - The Winds of change.  Bringer of evils.  God of Air and Wind.  Enemy of the stoic.

[[Urpeos:the rule]] - The cosmic clock.  The walker through ages.  God of Time.

[[Granphaloo]] - The Thousand Fold Ogre, The giant King.  God of muscle and monsters.  Ally to the Strong.

[[Many]] - The shadow of shadows. The godsblack.  God of shadow power and shadow gods.  Unknown ally to shadowgods and shadowcults.

==== Neo Dieties ====

[[Sali~Baba]] - The Angry Sun.  He who bear the ruby eyes of pain.  Goblin God of the sun.

[[Drakkhar]] - The Spider in the dark, Grandfather shadow.  The god under Ghazengraz.  God of spiders and shadows.

[[Gabbledigak]] - The Half faced trixter, the thief of lost wealth.  Demigod of lost things and   

[[The Lords of Trollhel]] - They who are kings of demons and violent men.

[[Stygg]] - He who swims in the Shadow of Darkness.  Devourer of the Celee Queens.  The Child-taker of the Nachtellak.  God dark waters and Shadowfae.
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