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The Nations
Sep 23rd, 2019 at 6:53pm
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This will be a thread compiling all The Rotting Realms Nations and Places.  Each nation will be its own post.

If you have any suggestions please place them in a new thread and I will add them to this one personally.

===== The Great Nations =====

[[Krame]] - The Jewelled Metropolis at the center of the world.  Contested by the Great powers but a power in its own right.  Tolerant of all, intolerant of those who do not know their place.

[[Lothinius]] - The Great conqueror-settlers of the Lortins.  Praisers of the Shield.  Tolerant of friends, intolerant of strangers.

[[Kharundus]] - The Khars of the Eastlands.  Lovers of honour and Warfare.  Tolerant of the virtuous, intolerant of cowards and criminals.

[[Thoradim]] - The Vicious warlord Khars and Orcs who control the way south.  Slaughter and power drive them.  Tolerant of the mighty, intolerant of the idlers.

[[Thyrannus]] - The settled Magocracies of the Tundra Peninsula.  Cultists and Academics of Thazadi magicks.  Tolerant of endevour intolerant of rivals and blockers. 

[[Enorothian Empire III]] - The Elves who fled the fall of the second empire.  Decadent priasers of the World god of glades.  Tolerant of all, intolerant of wyld, uncontrolled, things.

[[The Mysterious Oxident]] - The Lands beyond the west.  Mysterious and Unknown... A whole other world of nations and peoples with only adventurers and outcasts in these lands.

===== The Lesser Nations =====

[[The Darkwood]] - The free outcasts of the 2nd Empire.  Steeped in anarchy, dark magic, and revenge.  Tolerant of the free, intolerant of those who have crossed them.

[[The Westwood Clans]] - The Clansmen of the westwood forest.  Ancient traditions of the forest and land drive them.  Pay tributes to the Khar's.  Tolerant of each-other, intolerant of outsiders.

[[The Barons]] - The protectorate of the Lortins and final frontier of that guards from the rot-lands.  Protected by the lineage of chromatic Baron-Knights.  Tolerant of simple goodness, intolerant of evil and wickedness.

[[The Frost Sentinals]] - Last and falling bastions of ancient dwarf holds.  Fighting the endless battle with the encroaching rots and minions of the rot-lands.  Tolerant of competence, intolerant of the incompetent and foolish.

[[The Elven Court]] - The Proud remains of the 2nd Empire.  An elven protectorate of the Lortins.  Tolerant of those who honor them, intolerant of those who don't.

[[Baneth]] - The Gateway of the west.  Masters of the sea and sea-magic. Tolerant of traders, intolerant of spies.

===== Unruly Places =====

[[The Thousand Kingdoms]] - The endless squabbling nations left by Mighty Zanibou.  Rising and falling in the endless dance of politic and war.  Tolerant of many things, Intolerant of many things.

[[The Scrub]] - The great valley of high orcs and goblins.  Lovers of battle and prestige.  Tolerant of the bold, intolerant of the beggar.

[[The Wastes]] - The Savanah and desert lands of Gnolls and beast races.  Small settlements shifting in a land of ancient history... now lost.  Tolerant of survivors, intolerant of the unwary.

[[Zeal]] - The Ancient golden temples of the godwar.  Guarded by ancient lizard tribes and powerful guardians.  Tolerant of stagnant history, intolerant of explorers. 

[[The Great Kotharkan Forest]] - The Wild, endless forest of Kotharka.  Overgrown and uncontrollable home of wood and plantkin.  Lorded by the Mushroom folk.  Tolerant of growth, intolerant of most anything else.

[[The Badlands]] - A wasteland of dry savanah and outcast tribes and peoples.  Little can thrive here.  Tolerant of everyone, intolerant of nobody.

[[The Lands Beyond the East]] - The Dark uncharted lands of foul orc-folk.  Corrupted by the black sun in every way.  They tolerate all who are falling... the black sun corrupts all.

[[The Southern Continent]] - The Great sandy deserts and sea deserts of the south.  Native home of the great nomadic traders and peoples.  Tolerant of the wealthy, intolerant of the brutish.

===== City and Small States of Note =====

[[Tinkertown]] - The Mad city of the Tinkergoblins.

[[Ghazengras]] - The tyranny of spiders, shadows, and Deva's.

[[Malfear]] - The only nation of the Black sun.  Beware.

[[The Necropolis Zok]] - The Dead city of the Eletra: Avatar of the Black Sun.

[[The Duchy of Giff]] - Jovial home of the Hippo Men.

[[Brochenkreig]] - The Stronghold and fortress of the 1000 year tyrant.  Feared ruler of his "New Order".

[[Kir-Nan]]  The prison city who's name means "Lucky".  They say none have escaped.

[[Pira Town]] The city of fools gold, now the city of pirates and smugglers.  Run by power criminal families and fleets of private ships.
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