Rotting Realms: The Inn Crowd

Sometimes simple things make you kings. In this case re-starting an old abandoned Inn. Which drew people to your door. Then they starting living around you. Now they look up to you. Welcome to “The Thirsty Roots”.

- Lake behind the Inn with a river leading to it.

- Ghost Dog named Jazzy. Always sits by the fire.

- “The Thirsty Roots” (Formerly “The Thirsty Boots”) Tree house Inn ( Shadakharian Archetecture ) Darkwood Cypress (very big) with 5 floors and a basement and a sub cellar.

- Mount Rain Faces the Northern Coast. (Triconat Presence)

- East: Ableholm (A small walled city that allows no visitors.)

- South: The Gabagrakkan Ork Tribe (Goat Riders, Highly xenophobic, no outsiders allowed)

- West: The Warlords ( A series of nomads fighting (not killing) over hunting grounds. Many resort to banditry.)


Cold Room
Blister Generator
Taps from the cellar “the root system”


Harold Perkins - Graduate from the Harazok University in Krame. Mastering Blistechnology and engineering. Maintenance.

Ash Vernon - Ashian Sniper. Hunts for game.

Sphere Unknown - Halfling scorcerer who likes to burn things. The Face that tends the bar. Nickname: M'lady the Wench.

Sir. Bearington - Anthropomorphic Bear Civil Right Lawyer struggling to survive in a world gone mad (The Bear Rosa Parks Feat. Beleius).

Other Characters

Jaques LeBleu - Master marlin fisherman and lover of exotic salts (and butters).

Inn Goblin - The first customer. Runs a rival inn in town called the “Swill and Warrens.”

Ginger Tarragon - Creepy girl drug chemist. “Hello Boys, wanna drink.”


The Case of the Missing Casks - You awaken one morning to 3 casks of the finest dwarven ale missing from your cellar.


Bryant Baxter, 2017/07/12 01:01

Welcome to the Inn. Stay and chat.

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