Rotting Realms - Future Foundation

We are united in our desire for conquest.

Welcome to the Thousand

Come with us to as we peer into history and explore the great battles of what once began as one small kingdom…


Character Name - Character Description

Lord William the Greedy - A leader with dreams of fortune and autarchy.

Inactive Characters


The Winemaker: A meek looking man with the faintest smile. He makes wine. “Drink the wine and you shall fight as two soldiers”

Orkwitt The Obsidian Cleaver: A Piratown Thoradianian Orc Lord. “I'm in Chaaaaarge now!”.

Socratistine: A Crisp bearded Wizard in shades of blue black and silver. “Knowledge is power. I'm overjoyed to know you all.”

Arcs [GM]

World News

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