Editing Notes

done- In the Combo Speed Bump Sp change: “A character can can only generate from a spell 2 combo plus 1 for…” to “A character can can only generate FOR a spell 2 combo plus 1 for…”

done- Change “Special” to “Styles” in the supernatural module for consistency.

done- Change “Supernatural Meta effect” description to “to a specific caste of action”

done- Make sure to add that proficiency styles can only be taken alone (when purchased) and must have a corresponding talent tree investment to justify its purchase.

done- make costs added from material components for supernatural spells do not require 100 times costs etc..

- correct the exceptions section regarding restrictions and bonus dice… Because this isnt a thing.

- disambiguate “short range” in “a range of actions”

- clean ip the wording of “martyr”

- make dice types proliferate aamong all dice in the action. If 1 die is slashing they all are, so you end up with psychic slashing fire damage.

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