Open Classes

This module adds an character class system to the game by requiring characters to define themselves with a class using keywords and giving combo benefits for using skills that adhere to the classes keyword description.

Class Closed: This module is also usable as a closed system of classes determined by the GM and/or the chosen setting. As a result Additional commentary about closed class systems will be in “[]” brackets.

Have Some Class: Every character may define their character at creation with a class [chosen from classes specific for your game or setting]. A Class has a descriptive name for the class (such as Fighter, Fixer, or Shaman ), and descriptive words that define the class (such as “aggressive”, “Martial”, or “Learned”). Characters can chose 3 descriptive words [from among the options available for that class].

Class Distinction: Characters who have a class gain a pool of 3 bonus combo points each turn to be used for talent trees when performing any castes of action that have a relation to the characters class' describing words. For example: Physical attack would have relation to words like: Aggresive, Martial or Brutal.

Multi-Classing: A character may reduce the combo pool they receive by one to add another descriptive word [defined by their or another established class].

Prestige and Advanced Classes: If a character accomplished some class specific role-play goal the GM may, in lieu of a character point, award that character with a new descriptive word slot [chosen from the appropriate class] or allow them to gain an additional point to their class combo pool.

Dragons and Danger Specific Rules

Dragons and Danger Magic Classes: Access to the Supernatural module requires that a character class be defined by an appropriate descriptive word: Arcane, for arcane magic; Divine, for divine magic; and Psyonic, for psionic magic. Taking one of these words alone costs two descriptive word slots. If the word is further thematically defined (for example: Arcane: Necromancy, Divine: Protection, Psyonic: Metabolic) its cost is reduced to one.

Dragons and Danger Classes

Fighter: Martial, Athletic, Tactical, Imposing, Warlord

Wizard: Learned, Perceptive, Elite, Professorial, Arcane (:any)

Sorcerer(psion): Intense, Elite, Perceptive, Charismatic, Arcane OR Psyonic (:any)

Rogue: Athletic, Perceptive, Burglar, Charming, Streetwise

Cleric: Wise, Defensive, Paternal, Intense, Divine (:any)

Paladin: Charismatic, Defensive, Martial, Tactical, Divine: Any

Ranger: Natural, Martial, Athletic, Perceptive, Arcane: Animal (or Nature)

Monk: Wise, Martial, Athletic, Meditative, Elite

Warlock: Learned, Imposing, Charismatic, Intense, Arcane: Otherworldly or Demonic

Druid: Natural, Wise, Paternal, Perceptive, Divine (:Nature, or animal)

Barbarian: Natural, Martial, Warlord, Imposing, Athletic

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