Welcome to the Caste Skunkworks

Right now this page is pretty empty. More will be added

How do I edit pages?

  • Create a user account.
  • Go onto facebook and join the caste players group.
  • post your username on the sticky post for posting your username.
  • I will change you to a uuberuser and remove your name from the facebook list.

What can I do here?

As a standard user or guest you will be able to browse and read any and all things the community has posted.

When you take the steps to become an uuberuser you will be able to create and edit pages, upload media etc.

All the branches should be caste related with the exception of the creative writing section. Feel free to post any creative writings for any game of any system there.

If you would like your own custom sidebar for your section of the wiki just create a “your_page_name”:“sidebar” wiki page and set up the links from there. If will automatically change the second sidebar to that one. Likewise if you would like your own personal sidebar for yourself just make a page “your_username”:“sidebar”, it will be the third one.

With that said: lets try to keep things organized and make sure everything is linked in some way to either your name_sidebar or another internal page.

Unlinked floating pages may be deleted with malice.

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